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University Plus Introduction

University Plus is a transformative initiative aimed at closing the gap between academia and industry, tailor-made to empower university students. This project recognizes the changing landscape of education and employment, where graduates are often unprepared for the practical demands of the workforce. Plus has a dual focus: Category 1, targeting recent graduates who lack technical skills, and Category 2, supporting current university students in their journey towards industry readiness Center of Information Technology (CIT) a Private limited Company having plus 25 years’ experience in education has conceived this idea of University Plus to fill these gaps and Start the Process of “Preparing the Future Leaders of Pakistan to meet the Challenges of 21st Century.

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Why Choose Us


In today's dynamic job market, a degree alone is often insufficient to secure meaningful employment. Graduates frequently find themselves facing a disconnect between theoretical knowledge acquired at universities and the practical skills sought after by employers. Recognizing this disparity, University Plus seeks to bridge this gap by providing students with holistic training and guidance, ensuring they are well-equipped to thrive in the professional world.

Why Choose Us

Why University Plus Has Become a Vital Need TODAY?

Gap in University Education

Fill the Existing Gap in University Education being Imparted & Community / Industry Needs and Today latest Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security, Blockchain, IR 4.0, Metaverse, EVs/Avs, Cloud Computing, Web 3.0, Solar Solutions are offering almost “Ready to go “Solutions. The Only requirement is to Bring all relevant Stakeholders in an Eco-System and on One Page.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is fast changing our Education Systems from School Level to University Levels. Focus now is on Skill Based Education… STEM System is catching up FAST as a Global Best Practice but in Pakistan Very few Privileged Educational Institutions are offering this.

Academia Arrangements

Academia / ORIC arrangements have no more remained compatible with Fast Changing Needs. Digital Divide between different universities within Pakistan is increasing Fast, need to Minimize. There are NO linkages between FYPs & Community Needs in Development Sector Like Health, Educational, Agriculture, Solar Technologies & Smart Watering etc.

Strategy of University Plus < 1

Category 1: Recent Graduates           

Skill Enhancement

Skill Enhancement: Provide technical training to recent graduates to equip them with the essential Provide technical training to recent graduates to equip them with the essential

Internship Opportunities

Facilitate internships with partner organizations to allow graduates to gain practical experience.

Career Development

Assist graduates in finding meaningful career paths aligned with their newly acquired skills.


Offer mentorship and guidance through industry experts to support graduates in their journey.

Strategy of University Plus < 2

Category 2: Current University Students

Early Skill Development

Identify students from their fourth semester and provide them with technical skill development to prepare them for the job market.

Guided Learning

Facilitate workshops, seminars, and hands-on projects to enhance their practical knowledge.


Connect students with industry mentors who can provide insights and guidance.

Career Planning

Assist students in crafting career pathways and making informed choices.

Students Testimonial

"Great support and really nice campus that feels safe. Could have more opportunities for work experience, internships etc, with more help to find these opportunities."
University Plus Reviewer
"This university Plus is perfect for people that want a sense of independence and community, the student life is amazing, the facilities outstanding."
Madiha Iqbal
University Plus Reviewer
"The campus is very well maintained and the student support and faculty are very supportive and understanding."
Asma yousafzai
University Plus Reviewer

University Plus Info

University Plus is committed to transforming education by ensuring students not only earn degrees but also gain practical skills and industry insights. Through technical training, internships, mentorship, and guided learning, we are bridging the gap between academia and industry,

nurturing a generation of graduates and students ready to excel in the dynamic job market.

Together, we pave the way for their success and contribute to the growth of industries and economies.